Stunning original photography for your church that engages your community in the initiatives that are critical to your mission.

People & Places

Staff Headshots

Campus Photos

Let us help you show off your unique personality and culture with stunning images.

Events & Campaigns

Worship Service

Outreach Missions

  • Share the passion your people have for worship.     ​

  • Share the love your people have for each other.​

  • Engage your community in the initiatives that are critical to your mission.

Social Media Content

More than 70% of nonprofit communicators consider social media one of their most important communication channels.

Almost 85% of churches use Facebook.

 (Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide)

Churches are learning how to navigate the biggest communication shift in the last 500 years. We help you craft amazing video and images formatted and edited for all your social feeds!

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KAVOD Media is a video and media company for churches & Christian ministries in Denver, Colorado. We are similar to ProChurch

Media, Pro.zent, and SermonSpice.



We provide church media design, videos for church, worship service bumpers, campaign fundraising videos, promotional videos, event recap, staff photography, campus photo shoots, and social media.

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