Our Process

Although each church is unique and each project is different we all want to have a clear direction and easy steps in the process. Here are the typical steps in our process of creating your media.


When your church decides that doing your own media is not the best and effective us of your time, so you call us or click "Work With Us" to start a conversation.


We want to know as much as possible about your ideas, culture, mission and values so we can make media that is tailored to fit your community. This usually means sitting with you in person to talk about the project.


Here is where the rubber meets the road! We present to you an estimation of the cost and time it will take to produce your media. This is our second meeting and it usually lasts about an hour.


Once you’ve had a chance to talk about the proposal with your team and we have discussed any changes you would like to see in the project, then it's time to commit to the project officially and get started. When it comes to media, there can be a lot of moving parts and depending on the scale of the production, there can be a large team and a lot of gear to get ready. So we make sure that our agreement is signed by the authorized party at least one week before filming to ensure the on-time delivery for your event!


Your media is created by the KAVOD team. It is shot, edited and designed. This may involve coordinating locations and people for your media so we work hand in hand with your team to make sure all the right people are in the right places in the right way to avoid costly reshoots.


This is where we deliver the first draft of your media. The video content contains timecode so we can get your changes right the first time. We believe in making sure you’re 100% satisfied with the media you get from KAVOD regardless of how many revisions it takes. Usually there are about two to three revisions per project. In rare cases the project may change from the original scope and a rescope will be required.


Once all the revisions are made, the final media is delivered with the timecode and watermark removed and you are ready to show it to your community!


We are always looking for ways to improve our service to churches. At this stage, we ask a few questions about our process and delivery. Any feedback you can share with us will be incredibly valuable!

Ready to get started?