Graphic Design

Original artwork and animation for your church series or special events.



Our team of professional graphic designers can create church graphics as needed for your ministries, upcoming events, and series messages. Designs are usually delivered to you within one business week depending on the complexity of the design.

Complete Multimedia Package

Seamlessly integrate all your multimedia assets into a united campaign including branded series graphics, bumpers, mailers, web banners, and social media posts. Bundling all these services together is a great value for churches who need to make a big impact on a tight budget.

Series Graphic

Series Bumper & Trailer

Direct Mailer

Social Media Graphics

Special Event Artwork

Get your community excited to join the fun by branding your events. Create logos for Churchwide Outreach events, Missions trips, Conferences, Camps and more!

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KAVOD Media is a video and media company for churches & Christian ministries in Denver, Colorado. We are similar to ProChurch

Media, Pro.zent, and SermonSpice.



We provide church media design, videos for church, worship service bumpers, campaign fundraising videos, promotional videos, event recap, staff photography, campus photo shoots, and social media.

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