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How much does a video cost?

The cost of the video mostly depends on the scale of project. A fully produced music video with your worship band and several extras will be much more than a sermon bumper video. The price range of our videos generally range from $1,300 for the simple production to $12,000 for the Premier Cinema production.

Can you work with our volunteers?

Yes, we love working with churches and their team. Often, this is a great way for churches to save money on projects. We think of Kavod as joining your team for the project so we take the time needed to clearly define the roles, skills and time commitment needed of those volunteering for the project.

What is your production process?

We have a Simple eight step production process you can read about on the Our Process page.

How long does it take to produce all my media?

The typical turn around time for most media is two weeks once the production part of the project is wrapped. Graphic design work can usually be completed in one week.

Does it cost less to pay a flat rate each month?

Yes! For churches who see the value in producing exceptional media we can customize a discounted package unique to your needs. We want to build long term relationship with our clients so being able to work along side your team on an ongoing basis means saving more time and money for you.

Are there contracts?

Yes. We depend on creative professionals to complete your work and we believe in caring for them as well. Having a signed contacts for our work insures that we can honor their time and skill and also give you the confidence that your projects will be delivered on time to your exact vision.

Will you help with our creative strategy?

Yes, we love serving the church with all of their creative projects! Let us know what you need and we’ll help in anyway that we can!

What if I don’t like the design or video?

We know the creative process isn’t always linear. It takes time for the best ideas to surface, often this happens within the course of a production. We understand this and we can work with you if the project needs to shift a bit. We’ll work together to figure out when the project needs a little shift or a complete overhaul. This is why step two in our production process, “Vision” is the most crucial part. Before we begin we want to make sure we are crystal clear on the results you want this video to achieve. Doing this step right helps avoid costly re-shoots and re-designs. Regardless of the challenges, we are committed to serving your church and making sure your media looks amazing!

How do you deliver my media?

Videos will be delivered via a dropbox link. The videos will play with a watermark and timecode until the final approval is made and then it will be delivered in a HD MOV file (or the file type you require) in the resolution that best fits your screen. Photos will be delivered in high-resolution JPEG files and Graphic design files can be delivered in PSD, AI, PDF or PNG files.

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