Our History

Kavod is an ancient Hebrew word whose meaning is rather fluid. On the surface, it can simply mean “Heavy”  but its meaning shifts depending on the subject. The presence of Yahweh is said to have Kavod and so are objects like swords shields and bows. Comprehensively, the word expresses a kind of holy purpose, substantial and profound. When it comes to the work we wanted to produce for churches, Kavod is what we aspire to.

We’re in constant pursuit of the transcendent and beautiful. We're looking for unique churches who share our passion for substantive and profound visual stories in a landscape of quick and unforgettable media.


Chief Visionary Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Our superpowers are OUR empathy and ideas. We love collaborating with teams to produce original work that is unique to them!

Why We're Different

25 years combined experience in church ministry and Christian events.        

We have produced live events. video and dramatic performances for over 27 ministries around the country.

Our superpowers are empathy and ideas. We love collaborating with team to produce original work that is unique to them!

Clients We've Worked With

Dare 2 Share Ministries logo, kavod media
Cherry Hills Community Church, kavod media
Waterstone Community Church logo, kavod medi
Grace Fellowship Chuch logo, kavod media
Summit Church centennial, kavod media

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KAVOD Media is a video and media company for churches & Christian ministries in Denver, Colorado. We are similar to ProChurch

Media, Pro.zent, and SermonSpice.



We provide church media design, videos for church, worship service bumpers, campaign fundraising videos, promotional videos, event recap, staff photography, campus photo shoots, and social media.

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