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Most churches don’t have the luxury of a full creative team with professional equipment to help produce their media but that doesn’t mean beautiful visual storytelling is out of your grasp. There is an affordable solution to delivering amazing visuals to your church!


This is why we’re here!


You can get back to the work God has uniquely designed you to do and let us make your message beautiful. We love to make fresh compelling visuals for the local church.


In House


1. Recruit and train several volunteers on weekly basis with varied results.

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1. Know your media to be consistently beautiful every time.

2. Invest money in professional video, lighting and sound equipment and editing software.

2. Relax with a flexible, attentive creative team with years of church ministry experience.

3. Hire a part-time creative director who will recruit/hire a production team and cast for each video.

3. Trust our Kingdom-minded and budget-conscious plan.

4. Add the project to an existing staff member’s plate on top of their other leadership tasks.

How to Get Started

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